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Racing Event for the city anniversary

Since 2012, the Kleinnaundorfer Heimatverein has been hosting the cup run of the large district town of Freital, and from 2013 also the International Saxony Championship, in the Speedown soap box race. After 2016, the German Championship was held for the second time in 2019. The Freital district has long made a name for itself in the scene and is considered the best event organizer in Europe.

Now the organizers are going one step further and want to bring another racing highlight to the town on the Weisseritz on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the large district town of Freital. How good that Germany of all places will be hosting the European Championship in 2021.

Said and done. In November 2018, the Kleinnaundorf club applied to host the FISD (Federation Internationale Speed ​​Down) delegate conference in France. The good reputation preceded the application. No wonder the delegates chose the city of Freital.

Since the home route in Kleinnaundorf is too short according to the regulations, the organizers looked for a suitable route in the city area and found it in the Somsdorf district.

The route is located at the western exit of the city of Tharandt and has a length of almost 2000m with asphalt road surface. A height difference of 120m has to be overcome. It has 4 bends and an 8-curve.


Rennstrecke EM2021


Example Ride EM2021