Small change in the regulations

The organizer has decided to change the regulations for the "100 Years Freital" Cup. After that, the registration period will be extended until July 14, 2022. In addition, the provision of 2 marshals from the ranks of the starters, as specified in point 5, is no longer required. The change takes effect immediately.
The organizer team is still grateful for any help. The route in Somsdorf is a good 1000m longer than that in Kleinnaundorf, but it is also winding, so that the number of marshals required has increased disproportionately. Only people who speak German confidently can be used, as communication is carried out exclusively in the national language of the organizer. This is very important for safety and the organizational processes along the route. We hope that as many people as possible will be willing to support the event as marshals and thus ensure that the race runs as smoothly as possible. Members of the participating teams are also very welcome.
We would like to thank all helpers for their commitment!