European Speeddown Championship from July 23-25, 2021 in Freital

Great events cast their shadows ahead. The organization of the EM has been running at full speed for many months. As the organizer, the Heimatverein “G-Haus” Kleinnaundorf e.V. is doing its best to make this event on the 100th anniversary of the large district town of Freital an unforgettable experience.
The organizers of the Heimatverein are currently working closely with Eibe Somsdorf e.V. in the detailed planning. A lot of things still need to be agreed, talks to be held and all kinds of preparations to be made in order to make this EM, which will certainly not happen again in Freital in the following years, to a success. In times of Corona there are additional hurdles to overcome. Reliable partners are sure to assist the voluntary event planners
Traditionally, a 3-day delegates’ conference takes place in the host country on the first weekend in November, where 2-3 delegates from each nation meet on site, inspect the route, advise on security concepts and support the organizer. This appointment could not be kept due to the current situation and will now be held as a full-day video conference on November 28, 2020.
It is also planned to have a test drive as a dress rehearsal in Somsdorf in spring 2021, where foreign drivers are expected from time to time. The timing is tested and the marshals are instructed in their tasks and actions and communication are practiced.
Since this event is organized and carried out exclusively by volunteer citizens and associations, hard-working helpers are still being sought for setting up and dismantling the route, as marshals, admission, catering and parking.
Anyone who would like to actively support us is welcome in our event team.
We look forward to your message at email or phone 0160/90100818 (also WhatsApp).

The Heimatverein association “G-Haus” Kleinnaundorf e.V.