Speeddown European Championship 2021 in Freital – Current situation!

The current situation doesn’t just pass us by without leaving its mark. Nevertheless, decisions have to be made. Even though we still cannot know today how the pandemic will develop and future ordinances, laws and regulations will look like, we are full of hope that it will be possible this year in Freital and that the situation will relax.
Therefore, the organizers of the Heimatverein “G-Haus” Kleinnaundorf e.V. and the Eibe Somsdorf e.V. with all their helpers are continuing to put this event on a well-organized basis. Too much has to be prepared for this event to simply shake off the wrist. So we are still working intensively on the detailed planning and would be happy if many more helpers would agree to support this event. People are still looking for helpers for assembly and dismantling, for catering, parking spaces and admission. Every diligent hand is needed. The most important thing for the implementation of the races are numerous marshals, who must be trained in good time for the race processes to achieve confidence. For this purpose, the organizers have planned test runs along the entire length of the route from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 18, 2021. Here, the marshals can be briefed on site and the procedures can be practiced in practice. But technical and organizational processes can also be checked for their optimum and adjusted if necessary. Soap box pilots are welcome to do their first training lap on the new route here. However, according to the FISD regulations, drivers who want to take part in the races of the European Championship are not allowed to take part in this test. This is permitted for everyone who would like to take part in the “100 Years of Freital” Cup. We ask for a short informal registration!

Speaking of the “100 Years of Freital” Cup: soon the regulations and registration will be published on our website. Then you shouldn’t wait long to hand in the documents. Because there are only 50 starting places available.

Whose interest in helping we have aroused here and now, regardless of whether a private person, company or association, is warmly welcome and can contact us using our contact details.
Heimatverein „G-Haus“ Kleinnaundorf e.V.
Tel.: 0160/90 100 818