SpeedDown European Championship in Freital postponed! Press release May 17, 2021

Due to the current pandemic-determined time, the EM will now rise from July 29th to 31st, 2022.
The organizers of the European Championship in SpeedDown, which will take place from July 23 to 25, 2021 in the Freital district
Somsdorf, in their last consultation, decided with a heavy heart that
To postpone the event to the next year due to Corona and the resulting consequences.
This decision is in consultation with the FISD (Federation Internationale SpeedDown) and the city of Freital
like. “The possible restrictions and requirements for the implementation of a smooth and good
organized event are not foreseeable so far and thus the postponement is to the weekend
from July 29th to 31st, 2022 the logical conclusion “, says organizer Thomas Käfer,” and of course Freital-
Somsdorf will be set again as the venue in 2022. ”
“When the club was awarded the contract back then, we were very proud and full of anticipation for them
Event. It is a shame that the European Speeddown Championship cannot take place this year. The
However, the decision to postpone the whole thing to 2022 is absolute due to the current circumstances
understand. I feel sorry for all the starters and helpers who have prepared intensively, but
Of course, especially for the organizers, who put a lot of effort and passion into the here
Preparations have been made – and all of this on a voluntary basis. It is also unfortunate that this
Soap box races as a highlight in our festival year ‘100 years of Freital’ are missing. In spite of everything i’m sure
that Freital will also be a good host and host for the Speeddown EM in 2022. So we can already
look forward to a great event in our city, which goes far beyond the borders of Freetal
also receives attention. It goes without saying that the city of Freital will follow the organizers again
Supported forces ”, so Freital’s Lord Mayor Uwe Rumberg.
Since the organization of such an event is within the framework of the team from the “Heimatverein ‘G-Haus” Kleinnaundorf
e.V. “, Käfer will try to get all Freital associations and citizens on board – 100 helpers alone
are needed as marshals – after all, the race lives from volunteer work. “Very warmly
I would especially like to thank our counterpart, the EIBE e.V. in Somsdorf, for them
thank you for all past and future support from the European Championships ”, Käfer continued.
“Even if we don’t have to pay wages, our cost for the event is still 200,000
Euro ”, Käfer continued. All the more delighted with the Feldschlößchen brewery and the Lichtenauer
Mineralquellen GmbH to have two strong partners from the region on board in 2022 as well. “For us is
It is important to be able to give something back to the citizens of the region with the support of the event.
We see ourselves here as a local partner. Volunteers who believe firmly in their goal, especially now
and do everything we can to achieve this with your commitment, deserve our support – too
if, unfortunately, everything will only take place a year later, ”says Uwe Tschuschke from Feldschlößchen AG.
Anja Rambow von Lichtenauer takes the same line: “It is important for us, the committed with ours
Support to show that we continue to believe in them and that we can only get through the current phase together
be able to cope with and overcome – even if it takes another twelve months to realize the plans
“In the end we are all in the same boat – even if it stays in the garage for another year
must, ”said Käfer in conclusion.
Further information: www.seifenkiste-freital.de
For press inquiries: Peter Dyroff (meeco Communication Services), phone 0177 8871273